Sarah Jones

Head of Geomatics

020 7410 2287

As Head of Geomatics, Sarah's responsibilities include the day-to-day management and coordination of our archaeological on-site surveying and spatial-data processing for post-excavation projects, in addition to the continued development of procedures in these areas.

A significant part of Sarah’s job involves making sure that MOLA stays at the cutting edge in the understanding and use of the latest technology.

Sarah’s substantial experience in professional archaeology includes working on a wide range of projects, both in the UK and overseas. Since 2010 she has worked in a multidisciplinary team, with Dr Angus Graham, on the Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Project (ThaWS). This is a geophysical and environmental landscape survey in Luxor, Egypt, supported by the Egypt Exploration Society, and the Wallenberg Institute, at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Sarah Jones MOLA

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Our Directors and Team Heads are some of the most experienced heritage and archaeology professionals in the sector. Collectively they lead on overall direction for the organisation, ensuring that MOLA remain competitive and efficient and that we stay at the forefront of new advances in the heritage industry.

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Our Technical Specialists are leading experts in the fields of geomatics, GIS, geophysics, geoarchaeology, aerial survey and building recording. We also employ professional editors, graphic illustrators and photographers who guarantee our reports and publications are presented to a high quality.

Geomatician working at Knole House