Thérèse Kearns

CITiZAN Discovery Programme Officer, Solent Harbours

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As CITiZAN Discovery Programme Officer for Solent Harbours, Thérèse is the Lead Archaeologist for this project and is responsible for its day to day management. She first joined MOLA in 2017 as Archaeologist for Training in the South West on the CITiZAN project.  Before that, Thérèse's work focused on the analysis and interpretation of archaeological materials derived from high temperature industrial processes and she has worked on numerous projects in the UK and Austria.  

Thérèse's current research interests include the site formation processes associated with coastal and intertidal contexts and how these inform our interpretation of and monitoring strategies for sites and features in these dynamic environments. She is also interested in coastal industries and the archaeology of watercraft abandonment. 

Thérèse holds a BSc in Archaeology and an MSc in the Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London and an MA in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton.  

Thérèse is a member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (PCIFA). 

Thérèse Kearns CITiZAN Discovery Programme Officer  South Devon Rivers MOLA

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The Community Archaeologists at MOLA lead community engagement projects and support our clients’ community engagement initiatives. The award-winning team manages the long-running Thames Discovery Programme and CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network), facilitate community digs and host events, including walks, talks, hands-on workshop and conferences.

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