Re-inventing the potter's wheel at MPRG Conference 2018

University of Brussels

Time: 11:20-11:50
Price: £15-40

In June 2018 the Medieval Pottery Research Group will hold its annual conference at the University of Brussels, on the subject of ‘Ceramics in Circulation’.

MOLA archaeologist Adam Sutton (formerly University of Reading) will be giving a joint presentation with Duncan Brown of Historic England, about the invention and then re-invention of the potter’s wheel in the Late Iron Age and Later Saxon periods respectively.

Adam and Duncan will explore the origins of the pottery wheel, how its wheelthrown products were distributed, and the patterns of acceptance and resistance to this new way of making pottery. They will also question whether we can appropriately apply terms such as ‘wheel-finished’, ‘turntable’ and ‘slow wheel’ to ceramics of this type.

Further information and booking can be found on the MPRG website.