Alongside working with clients and communities, our Hub team are working on other ways to increase the value generated by archaeology. They have published reports that challenge current thinking and articles that propose ways to increase levels of Social Value.

The Hub is also has professional partnerships with a wide variety of organisations working to improve public benefit and environmentally responsible practice across the archaeological sector.

Sadie Watson leads the public benefit aspects of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and Historic England’s 21st Century Challenges for Archaeology project. Previously Sadie was part of a team that worked on the Cultural Heritage Capital project for the UK Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport, aimed at finding out how we can better measure the value provided by culture and heritage.

Kate Faccia is an Expert team member of the Publication User Needs 2 project with the Council for British Archaeology, intended to improve the ways we share archaeological information with a broadening range of audiences (link awaited). She also participates in the Archaeology Audience Network, a group of non-profit archaeological companies attempting to diversify access to archaeological data and upskill grassroots groups in digital skills

Hub team members are also engaging with the international archaeology community. Sadie is a regular collaborator with the European Archaeological Council and convened their Symposium in 2019. She is also member of the Working Group on Public Benefit from Development-led Archaeology Both Kate and Sadie are keen supporters of the European Association of Archaeologists, collaborating on conference sessions and round table discussions. 

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