Buildings by the River Thames assessed for the Thames Tideway Tunnel EIA

Thames Tideway Tunnel environmental impact assessment

Thames Water

MOLA was involved in producing the Environmental Impact Assessment for the largest planning application the UK has ever seen; that of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. We undertook the Historic Environment topic outlining the physical impact of the major infrastructure project on buried and above ground heritage assets.

Our input into the Environmental Impact Assessment, for the largest planning application the UK has ever seen, was comprehensive and robust.

Our team of specialists assessed multiple sites, with expertise ranging from archaeological assessment, geoarchaeology, built heritage, foreshore survey, and geomatics and GIS. We worked closely with the multi-disciplinary project team, including Thames Tunnel architects and engineers and other environmental specialists. Our input was complex and extensive and the results timely and robust; with minimal clarification or further information required from stakeholders and the Planning Inspectorate. All statutory consultees were satisfied with the methodology and approach taken by our project team.

Preceding the Environmental Impact Assessment we completed a Preliminary Environmental Information Report, the largest ever undertaken, which involved extensive engagement with Thames Tideway Tunnel stakeholders.

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