Geoarchaeological deposit modelling at the Urban Sustainability Centre

Urban Sustainability Centre geoarchaeological survey

Ove Arup Ltd, on behalf of the client, Siemens plc.

Desk study, evaluation and geoarchaeological deposit modelling at the new Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre on the Royal Victoria Docks identified palaeo-environmental soil formations at the junction of the Thames and Lea prehistoric river systems.

'This MOLA undertaking was highly successful and innovative, comparable to the objectives of the cutting-edge engineering design and functions of the project.'
Richard Hughes, ARUP

These deep deposits could not be mitigated using normal excavation technique so MOLA geoarchaeologists implemented a strategy based on undisturbed core sampling and laboratory research, targeted at the new pile locations. This approach preserved the industrial heritage of the docks under the new building and avoided major programme and logistical constraints.

  • MOLA geoarchaeologist conducting a borehole survey


    Our geoarchaeological expertise enables us to carry out targeted investigations of deeply buried archaeological sediments and soils.
  • Desk-based assessment

    Desk-Based Assessments

    Our assessments determine the nature of archaeological remains and recommend solutions for their management.