Archaeological work on the Weedon-Flore Road Scheme, Northamptonshire

Weedon-Flore road scheme geophysical survey


In 2013 MOLA’s Northampton team (formerly Northamptonshire Archaeology) began work on Weedon-Flore road scheme in Northamptonshire. Infrastructure specialists MGWSP needed to assess the archaeology of the site to inform the design of their road scheme.

Early stage assessment of archaeological potential, through geophysical survey and trial trenching, constructively impacted on the client's decision making.

Our Geophysical Survey team assessed the site at an early stage in the road planning process to detect archaeological remains. A programme of trial trench evaluation followed to establish the nature of the archaeology. This information fed into the client’s decision making and the course of the road was realigned to avoid impacting the ditches of two prehistoric long barrows.

  • Geophysical Survey

    We provide advanced ground-based sensing services that assess the potential for archaeological remains.
  • Archaeological evaluation at Oxford Radcliffe Infirmary

    Archaeological Evaluation

    Our initial archaeological field testing provides information on the nature of archaeological remains.