Roman and later development east of the forum and Cornhill: excavations at Lloyd’s Register, 71 Fenchurch Street, City of London


Trevor Brigham, with Robin Nielsen, Richard Bluer


The Lloyd’s Register sequence began with 1st-century AD ditches and timber buildings, situated to the south-east of a road which was not aligned on the forum or the Colchester road. Stone buildings constructed after the Hadrianic fire included sunken rooms, painted plaster and unusual decoration. Realigned, mid 3rd-century AD masonry buildings included suites of heated rooms and timber outbuildings, all sealed by ‘dark earth’. 11th-century reoccupation began with pitting and foundation robbing. The early 12th-century church of St Katherine Coleman lay north of open ground until the 16th century. Post-Great Fire evidence included the rebuilt 18th-century church, the East India Company Tea and Drug Warehouse, and the Hambro synagogue.

Monograph Series 30

MoLAS 2006. ISBN 1-901992-43-8. Pb185 pp. 115 bl/wh ills.