The Thames Discovery Programme examining ship timbers of the London foreshore (c) Thames Discovery Programme

Timbers in the Tides: Rotherhithe to Bermondsey

National Maritime Museum, Ground floor, Seminar Room, In Greenwich

Time: 10am-2pm
Price: £15 (£12 Members)

Join us for the Thames Discovery Programme for this walking tour of the Rotherhithe and Bermondsey foreshore, followed by a talk by National Maritime Museum Assistant Curator of Ship Models, Nick Ball.

We’ll be exploring timbers from 18th-century warships, along with other remains from London’s nautical past. The tour will be looking for evidence of bomb damage from the Second World War and medieval activity. If we’re lucky, we might even find some preshistoric deposits.

After the tour, we’ll be heading to the National Maritime Museum in the heart of London’s Greenwich for a short talk delving in to the world of medieval ship construction with Nick Balls.

To find out more about the talk, visit the National Maritime Museum website, and click the link to book.