Board and Governance

MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) is an independent company limited by guarantee with charitable status, governed by a Board of Directors who are also Trustees of the charity.

The Board is responsible for the structure, policies and strategic objectives of the organisation, and for the appointment of our Chief Executive who is responsible for the performance of the organisation. General management and control of the organisation is achieved through the adoption of a Business Plan and budget, and the implementation of an overarching strategy.

We raise all our funding directly from either clients commissioning professional services or from grants and donations from a range of trusts, agencies and individuals for activities in support of our charitable objectives.

Board members are appointed for three year terms and contribute a very broad range of expertise and experience. Our Board members are:

Rosamund Blomfield-Smith, Chairman

Sharon Ament

Alderman Alison Gowman

Peter Stewart

William McKee

Dr Victoria McGuinness

Paul Rodgers

Graham Love

Dr Carol Bell

Mel Ewell

Shahina Farid

Professor Cyprian Broodbank