Our public impact team deliver engaging workshops, activities, and assemblies that cater to all levels of education – from pre-school through to college and university. These sessions primarily take place within the classroom, but where possible, can also be held at excavation or finds processing sites.

Our school activities deliver the following benefits:

  • Supporting educational development across a range of subjects including history, science, maths, and art.
  • Providing locally relevant links to the national curriculum.
  • Inspiring future generations to consider a career within the archaeology and construction sectors.

We take a bespoke approach to school engagement, factoring in the school’s individual needs and interests, as well as the nature of your project. We can also partner with your existing schools or community liaison team to add an archaeological component.

We also have experience producing resources to support self-guided learning. This includes training packs for teachers, downloadable templates, and learning packs for home-educated children.

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