Risk appraisals are an important step at the very start of a project. They are often done even before you have obtained your site. We’ll help you understand potential risks and how to manage them, so you can move forward with confidence. 

Our risk appraisal will: 

  • assess the feasibility of your project 

  • identify the key built heritage and archaeological constraints 

  • reveal valuable information about the likely scope of future heritage or archaeological work 

  • outline recommendations for managing potential risks 

The results of your risk appraisal will remain confidential and can be used to inform scheme design. Appraisals are also relied upon in pre-planning application discussions with Local Authorities.  

Working across the UK for decades, we are extremely experienced working on projects of all sizes, including large infrastructure. Whatever the context, we are able to draw upon this experience to identify risks relevant to your situation.  

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