These 6-month residencies will fund creative professionals to experiment, bringing our archaeological research to different audiences. There is funding (up to £13,000 per residency) for 6 creative residencies. 

This residency is aimed at creative practitioners working in sectors with mass followings but who may struggle to access, or may be unaware of, archaeological research and its creative potential. This could include areas such as interior design, comedy, fashion, food, sport, gardening, music, and creatives working in languages other than English. 

Examples of projects include, but are not limited to:   

  • Working with a horticulturalist to design a new garden inspired by our archaeo-environmental research   
  • Partnering with a chef to produce a new recipe book or a cooking podcast based on interests in past food practices    
  • Collaborating with a comedian to communicate MOLA’s archaeological stories into entertaining performances for others   
  • Engaging with a weaver to produce a new range of rugs or tapestries influenced by MOLA’s archaeological finds   
  • Teaming up with a board game or escape room (or other!) designer to transform our archaeological interpretations into an experience or product for new audiences 

There is funding for up to 6 creative residencies. There have been two opportunities to apply for this funding so far. Any updates to new grant opportunities will be added to this page.

Explore our IAA creative residency projects below.