We use a variety of techniques to both accurately record a site and develop engaging depictions of the discoveries we’ve made. This includes: 

  • professional photography of excavations and objects 

  • photogrammetry  

  • drone imagery and video 

  • imagery and video taken by trained archaeologists for social media use 

Using all these techniques, our team create a range of digital images and models that help you better understand what has been discovered. These are also very useful for researchers and engaging the public. We’re constantly innovating and pushing the limits on how archaeology is depicted. 

Using photogrammetry, we build 3D models of sites and features. These models allow you to investigate archaeology up close in incredible detail, all from the comfort of your computer. They can easily be made public and used to share your archaeological discoveries with stakeholders and local communities. 

Our experienced team can also reconstruct sites and features. Reconstructions can be drawn illustrations, digital images or 3D virtual reality environments. By consulting with our in-house experts our reconstructions are accurate and present sensitive representations of the past.  

Side by side of photo and reconstruction of the Harpole necklace, laid out as it would have been worn
Side by side of photo and reconstruction of the Harpole necklace

We create high quality photography suitable for digital, print and large displays. From accurate imagery suitable for researchers to engaging photos for press releases, we can produce images for a variety of uses. 

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