Archaeological discoveries often attract significant media attention, which if managed effectively can generate a huge amount of positive PR for your project. We can support press and PR management from start to finish. This includes writing press releases, producing reconstructions and other visuals, and providing media training and internal briefings for spokespeople. 

Effective press and PR management can:

  • Provide huge exposure and free publicity for your project – often reaching millions of people.
  • Build confidence and trust with local stakeholders by sharing the results of archaeological work.
  • Supporting placemaking for a new development by showcasing links to the past.

Many archaeological findings need to be presented with sensitivity and care. They can also evoke strong feelings from local and national audiences. Our public impact team are experts in managing these complex discussions and dealing with crisis situations.
We have strong relationships with journalists at many top UK and international publications, enabling us to maximise the impact of our stories. In recent years we have led of some of the most high-profile stories in world archaeology.

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