Our evaluations will accurately investigate the archaeology on your site without doing a full excavation. You might do evaluations after initial assessments if you need: 

  • information for a planning application 

  • to understand what archaeological work may need to be done ahead of construction 

Our evaluations are an efficient and cost effective way to get accurate information quickly.

We'll work closely with you to agree evaluation methods that are both rapid and help you plan for future archaeological work. We always target our evaluations to the type of archaeological remains and the needs of each individual project. 

We use a range of techniques to investigate the archaeology on your site, including: 

  • fieldwalking 

  • geophysical survey 

  • geoarchaeological boreholes 

  • deposit modelling 

  • trial trench excavations 

  • excavation of test pits 

We will lay out the results of our work in a clear report, identifying any risks and giving you all the information you need for your project. With our detailed research you can move forward with confidence. 

If archaeology on your site does need excavation, our evaluation will give you an accurate prediction for the time it would take and help you manage your programme risks.

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