Geophysical and aerial survey will accurately capture images of your site and assess the potential for archaeology without needing to disturb the ground. They are cost-effective and can be completed quickly wherever your site is located in the UK.  

These surveys are often done at either the evaluation stage or during excavation and recording of your site. We explain the results of our surveys clearly, and can share them digitally so that you have immediate access.  

Geophysical survey

Our team will use a range of methods to detect any archaeological remains that may exist under the ground on your site. We’re used to working on both small and large-scale projects, and tailor the techniques we use to local requirements.  

We’re experienced in: 

  • intensive magnetometer and electrical resistance survey 

  • ground penetrating radar 

  • metal detecting 

Aerial survey

Our team will use drones to capture video and images of your site quickly. 

Aerial surveys can: 

  • accurately record a site from above, including sites in inaccessible locations 

  • record project progress or monitor change over time 

  • capture situations that are only temporarily visible, such as crop marks 

  • allow for rapid assessment of damage following a storm, fire or flood 

  • capture imagery for the production of accurate 3D models 

  • create videos putting the site into the context of its wider landscape 

We’re an approved provider of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) aerial survey services for both commercial and research purposes. We’ve been granted Permission for Aerial Work from the Civil Aviation Authority, a legal requirement for commissioning an SUA survey in the UK. 

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