We’re passionate about making the past accessible and exciting to all generations. Here you’ll find our latest free resources to inspire and entertain your young archaeologist – whether alone or as part of a group. Many of these resources are also suitable for the classroom and have been aligned to the national curriculum. We will regularly update this page, so check back to explore new materials based on our discoveries.

Current resources

A428 learning pack

This hands-on learning pack is based on our findings along the A428 road scheme. Topics span the Iron Age and Roman period and include settlement, food and drink, and trade. Discover ancient recipes, build a roundhouse, and test your knowledge with an interactive card game. Best suited to children aged 5-10.

For the Discover Archaeology A428 Learning Pack click here

Inventive vents

The Inventive Vents project is led by architecture education charity, Our Hut. It celebrates the many weird and wonderful ventilation shafts on London’s streets. As part of this, we helped produce teaching resources for 3 sessions, focused around exploring the secret and invisible workings of the city.

For all our Inventive Vents resources click here

2,000 years of Brentford history

As part of our work at Brentford Waterside, we produced an animation and accompanying resources. Aimed at KS1 and KS2 children and teachers, these include opportunities to meet some of Brentford’s Roman residents, explore a timeline and ancient maps, and record archaeological features.

For our 2000 Years of Brentford resources click here

Stories of St James’s Burial Ground

As part of our work on behalf of HS2, we produced an exhibition exploring the lives of people buried at St James's Burial Ground, near Euston, between 1789-1853. Now available as a digital resource, discover the fascinating stories and unusual objects uncovered during the excavations.

For the Stories of St James's Burial Ground website click here