High professional standards

You can be confident we have the expertise, experience and high standards for your project. Decades of working in this sector means that we:

  • use our experience and expertise to both give guidance and complete high quality work
  • have efficient ways of working that deliver on time and on budget
  • prioritise Health and Safety, meeting the highest standards and accreditations
  • can work on sites of all types

To us, this is the bare minimum you should expect from an archaeology unit. We make sure we get these basics right, but we can also do a whole lot more.

Any project, across the UK

We have the capability and experience to work on your project, whatever it’s size.

We’ve been part of some of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects, including HS2 and Crossrail. We understand how these programmes work and what you’ll need from us. We have the ability to deal with multiple sites over a large area, and can process large amounts of material.

We work on both rural and urban sites, and have particular expertise in:

  • cemeteries
  • urban archaeology
  • waterlogged

Our offices are based across the UK, allowing us to deploy our field teams at short notice and give you the same quality services wherever your project is based.

All under one roof

Our huge range of expertise means that anything from advice on planning permissions or large scale excavation to managing press or detailed research, we have people that can support you.

Having everything under one roof means being able to work with a single team or point of contact for an entire project. It means knowing that whatever happens, there are specialists that can quickly react.

As well as award winning archaeological fieldwork, we have a strong research team and are the only IRO archaeological unit. This depth of expertise means you can rely on our research.

Along with our assessments, fieldwork and research, we also have specialists in using archaeology to make an impact on the public. This can range from visiting schools and press releases to large volunteer projects and podcasts. Our engagement and communications experts also have extensive experience with archaeology, and understand how to engage people both locally and internationally.

Recognised for leading research

We are the only archaeological unit with IRO (Independent Research Organisation) status. This demonstrates our ability to carry out the highest level of research, and means we can receive AHRC funding.

Our team is made up of world-renowned experts and specialists, and together we are leading the way in our sector. We explore what archaeology can tell us and the best ways to do archaeology. We also question how to reach wider audiences and demonstrate the benefits the study of archaeology can bring.

Future facing

We don’t stand still and are constantly innovating in the way we practice archaeology. Our goal is to be more efficient and bring archaeology up to date. Whether we’re designing new ways of recording excavations or experimenting with virtual reality, we are dedicated to developing our craft.

A huge part of the future of archaeology is our people, and we make sure that we are developing our team. We have award winning training schemes for new archaeologists, and are also the only unit to have a training scheme for archaeologists to become site supervisors. This work makes it easier for people to get into archaeology, and progress once they are with us.

Corporate sustainability

We believe sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without preventing future generations from meeting their needs.

From recycling PPE and re-using finds bags, to staff wellbeing and working with diverse communities across the country, you can rely on us to work sustainably. We believe this work is crucial, and therefore are constantly developing new ways we can be more sustainable. Learn more about our goals and the changes we're making on our sustainability page.

We know how powerful the past can be in developing new neighbourhoods, creating wellbeing, and designing beautiful and sustainable places. We use archaeology to create Social Value, going beyond ‘business as usual’ to generate positive impacts on people, places, and the environment.

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