Our Social Value team have developed their expertise over years of research and consultations with a broad range of communities, clients and policy-makers. We know how powerful the past can be in developing new neighbourhoods, creating wellbeing, and designing beautiful and sustainable places.

We can help to shape your Social Value targets by: 

  • consulting with communities to address their priorities in a way that aligns with their values 
  • speaking to your relevant organisational leads about their aims for Social Value, to leave a sustainable legacy 
  • thinking carefully about how archaeology can respond to the current frameworks such as the sustainable development required by the National Planning Policy Framework, the Public Services (Social Value) (2012) and PPN06/20.  
  • contributing archaeological content to Social Value Statements submitted through the planning process.

We can also provide consultancy services on Social Value, Cultural Heritage Capital, and Public Benefit project design, implementation, and evaluation.

Find out more about our social value offer via The Hub - a dedicated virtual centre that places communities and sustainability at the forefront of our work.

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