MOLA Hexacopter at Uffington Hillfort

Aerial Survey

We have provieed a CAA approved SUA Service since early 2015, to map, and model archaeological sites, monuments, buildingsand landscapes, enabling more accurate assessment, interpretion and presention.  

Aerial survey rapidly and accurately captures the current state of a target site, including those in otherwise inaccessible locations.

Its affordability allows for frequent re-visits to record project progress or monitor change over time, for example the effects of erosion or invasive species spread.

The quick deployment time for SUA aerial survey makes it an ideal means of capturing transient situations, such as pronounced crop marks during a dry summer or the rapid assessments of damage following a storm, fire or flood.

Aerial survey has many applications, from the creation of accurate spatial models based on vertical or oblique photography to the capture of film footage to place sites and monuments in the context of their wider landscape.

Our aerial surveys produce georeferenced 2D orthomosaics, point clouds and 3D models suitable for immediate display in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We are able to derive further layers from these basic products, such as contours, view sheds, profiles or volume and area statistics. Combining this data with other imagery we carry out building surveys and inspection.

The results of our aerial surveys are made available using online platforms, allowing clients and partners to manipulate and interact with products as soon as they are ready.

We are an approved provider of SUA aerial survey services, for both commercial and research purposes and have been granted Permission for Aerial Work from the Civil Aviation Authority, a legal prerequisite for commissioning an SUA survey in UK.

If you wish to find out more about our aerial service, please contact Dr. Peter Rauxloh.

Meet the Technical Specialists

Our Technical Specialists are leading experts in the fields of geomatics, GIS, geophysics, geoarchaeology, aerial survey and building recording. We also employ professional editors, graphic illustrators and photographers who guarantee our reports and publications are presented to a high quality.

Geomatician working at Knole House