MOLA geoarchaeologist conducting a borehole survey


Our geoarchaeology specialists carry out auger or borehole surveys and interpret the archaeological soils and sediments retrieved, allowing us to reconstruct past landscapes and environments. Armed with this information we provide our clients with advice on appropriate mitigation strategies, required to fulfil planning consent.

The geoarchaeology team at MOLA provides a fast and comprehensive solution to site investigation and interpretation of deeply buried archaeological soils and sediments.

We employ geoarchaeological survey where the archaeology is too deeply buried for traditional excavation techniques to succeed. It is also a cost-effective archaeological evaluation tool and geoarchaeological deposit modelling, which maps buried landscapes and deposits, is frequently used in our desk-based assessments, to support planning applications. This information is shared with our clients’ engineers and geotechnical consultants to help them with their work.

We work on a wide range of depositional environments, including alluvial floodplains, fluvial environments and estuarine/intertidal zones. Using palaeo-environmental proxy indicators, such as pollen and diatoms, we reconstruct past environments. Our specialists also use a range of sedimentological techniques.

Meet the Technical Specialists

Our Technical Specialists are leading experts in the fields of geomatics, GIS, geophysics, geoarchaeology, aerial survey and building recording. We also employ professional editors, graphic illustrators and photographers who guarantee our reports and publications are presented to a high quality.

Geomatician working at Knole House