Desk-based assessment

Desk-Based Assessments

MOLA is one of the UK’s largest providers of Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessments. Our desk-based assessments identify the likely presence, nature and significance of below-ground archaeological remains and where appropriate, include assessments of built heritage.

Our Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessments accurately determine the nature of a site’s archaeological remains and recommend workable solutions for managing archaeology in support of planning applications.

They are used by our clients in support of their planning applications and are compliant with national and local planning policy and professional standards. Our assessments are expertly researched, relying on our comprehensive understanding of the diverse data sources available for any one project. We draw on our unique Geographical Information System (GIS), which holds multiple layers of information.

The precision delivered in our desk-based assessments reduces unforeseen risks in both the planning and post-planning stages of development. Working with project teams we make practical recommendations for further work. To convey complex information neatly, our assessments include high-quality graphics and images, produced by in-house professional graphic designers and photographers. We bring together data from our other in-house technical specialisms, including geophysics, geoarchaeology and geomatics, providing a rapid and integrated service.  

Meet the Heritage Consultants

Our Heritage Consultants advise clients, helping them to achieve planning consent and discharge heritage planning conditions. Specialising in preliminary risk appraisal, heritage assessments and environmental statements, the team are also experts in preparing and submitting heritage consents, Conservation Management Plans and other heritage studies.

Heritage consultant at work