MOLA finds specialist Michael Marshall looking at a 'witch bottle' (c) MOLA

Finds Specialists

MOLA has one of the largest dedicated teams of archaeological finds specialists in Europe. Our expertise covers most aspects of material culture from the prehistoric to the present day. We manage the recovery, processing, analysis, conservation, publication and archiving of artefacts for our clients.

Our finds specialists are internationally acclaimed experts, able to assess and analyse excavated material efficiently and with confidence.

Our highly skilled specialists identify and study archaeological material and disseminate their findings through a wide range of media including publications, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. We offer advice on object retrieval strategies, including metal detecting and other time-saving approaches. We have customised processing facilities which allow us to handle large amounts of archaeological material and our advanced digital recording system facilitates speedy analysis of artefacts. Where appropriate, we make use of X-radiography, scientific testing and material analysis to ascertain production dates, determine technologies used and establish the origin of materials.

Our specialists are at the forefront of research and methodological development in their fields. We identify, analyse, and interpret objects, from all historical periods, including:

  • accessioned finds - coins, glass, metalwork, worked bone, ceramic, worked stone and leather
  • pottery
  • building material
  • ancient timber

Once objects have been fully analysed, and stabilised by our conservators, we deal with the administration and preparations for archive or display of items, including packaging.

Meet the Specialists

Our team of Specialists comprises internationally acclaimed experts in a range of topics, from osteoarchaeology, environmental archaeology and archaeological conservation to period- and type-specific finds specialisms. They not only ensure all the material we excavate is expertly analysed and published, they also undertake pioneering research.

zooarchaeologist working with animal bones