Excavation of human remains at Charterhouse Square for Crossrail


Our hugely experienced osteoarchaeology team excavates, records, analyses and reports on human remains. We have notable expertise in large and urban cemetery sites, having recorded some of the country’s largest skeletal assemblages.

Our osteoarchaeology team has excavated some of the largest cemetery sites in the country and is able to manage proficiently the legal and practical requirements associated with the excavation of human remains.

Our unique Geographical Information System (GIS) and archive resources enable us to identify sites that are likely to contain burials at an early stage. Using this information, we tailor archaeological evaluation and excavation strategies to meet the specific needs of a project. Our post-excavation assessments rapidly evaluate the potential for further human remains, producing detailed costs and recommendations where further work is required.

We work to recognised ethical and legal standards and advise our clients on the requirements of cemetery and crypt excavation. Our practised osteoarchaeologists guide clients through the burial licence application process and work alongside exhumation contractors, where necessary.

Our assessments and analytical reports encompass buried and cremated remains. We undertake scientific and chemical analysis, where appropriate, and make use of in-house radiographic facilities and digital radiographic facilities through our partners at City University

We provide forensic services to the police. More information can be found on the forensic archaeology page.

Meet the Specialists

Our team of Specialists comprises internationally acclaimed experts in a range of topics, from osteoarchaeology, environmental archaeology and archaeological conservation to period- and type-specific finds specialisms. They not only ensure all the material we excavate is expertly analysed and published, they also undertake pioneering research.

zooarchaeologist working with animal bones