Project partner: English Heritage and National Trust

Date: July 2015

We carried out an aerial survey at Uffington Castle, to trial Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) recording of hillforts. The hillfort of Uffington Castle was in use in the Iron Age, from c. 800BC to 42AD, and is made up of a simple rampart enclosing approximately 7 acres on the Oxfordshire section of the ridgeway path.

The aerial survey was conducted at a height of 60 meters. Flying in a strict grid pattern, some 200 overlapping and geo-tagged images were taken, with each pixel representing approximately 3cm on the ground. 

The images were processed with Agisoft Photoscan to produce a 2D orthomosaic image and a 3D model. These products underwent further geo-processing to derive new layers of interest to land stewards and researchers. These new layers included the derived slope, contour plans and 3D profiles and sections.

The rich 3cm orthomosaic image is available online as a 2D mosaic and an immersive 3D model.

In both cases, to move the image/model click and hold the mouse on the image and to move the model, drag the mouse. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the model.

Uffington Castle immersive 3D model

Digital Survey and Recording Iron Age Aerial Survey