IAA project type: Partnership grant

Duration of project: September 2023 to March 2024

Partner organisation: Wikimedia Foundation UK

MOLA staff leading IAA grant: Caroline Barrie-Smith

Individual partner: Dr Richard Nevell, Programme Manager and Connected Heritage Project Lead

Project aims

This project is based on a mutual Wiki/MOLA aim to explore ways to enable coastal communities to share their knowledge of coastal change at scale through training younger people (between 16-25) to communicate reliable and robust evidence via high-profile platforms, e.g. Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.


  • Young People
  • Coastal Communities
  • Wiki-Users/Researchers

Project plan

This project has three Work Packages (WP) which takes place over a 7-month period.

  • WP1: Stakeholder Mapping and Heritage Content. Months 1-2
    • Explore what kinds of community heritage information can/cannot be used to update Wikipedia pages relating to environmental change and community knowledge.
    • Conduct stakeholder mapping in the 3 geographic areas the 3 workshops are likely to take place in to target potential participants.
    • Align workshop programme with existing CiM and TDP activities that might produce local knowledge.
  • WP2: Workshop Organisation and Delivery. Months 3-5
    • Based on location and facilities available for participants, we will either (a) conduct the workshops online, or (b) in person with no more than 10 individuals per session.
    • Prepare and organise the logistics and content of the workshop with the Wiki team. This will include minor tweaking to existing programmes provided by Wikimedia UK, but also organising location, group, and other logistics.
    • The workshops will be between 3-4 hours long and will be set out in four stages.
  • WP3: Workshop Evaluation and Decision to Incorporate into CiM Delivery. Month 6-7
    • Based on feedback from participants, and internal review from the team we will evaluate whether a future MOLA/Wikimedia partnership can work for (a) the delivery phase of CiM and if so, add the additional costings, work package activity and this case study into the CiM delivery phase application; (b) other existing or future MOLA projects
    • Share the outputs of workshops via MOLA, CITiZAN and TDP social media and websites.