MOLA prepared Heritage Statements for eight fire stations across Greater London in advance of their redevelopment. English Heritage and the London Fire Brigade provided joint guidance for historic fire stations in 2010, recognising their unique heritage value.

‘It has been a pleasure working with MOLA during the work carried out here at Old Kent Road Fire Station and we look forward to working with them again in the future.’
Rob Palmer, Kier Construction

Using specialist in-house resources along with archive research and site inspection, studies of the significance of the buildings were undertaken. Following assessment, our buildings archaeologists recorded the fire stations in accordance with English Heritage requirements. A Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessment was also completed for each site, outlining possible archaeological issues, and subsequent fieldwork included preliminary evaluation trenches to clarify potential and watching briefs where necessary. Making use of the full range of capabilities across MOLA resulted in timely and efficient delivery of the planning requirements.

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