MOLA was awarded the contract to prepare the Loughton Camp Conservation Management Plan at Tender. Loughton Camp is an Iron Age hillfort covering a 4 ha site.

All available existing data on archaeology and ecology was pulled together into one report. The current and future threats to the scheduled monument were identified and recommendations made for future interpretation, management and conservation.

It is a highly significant site archaeologically (a Scheduled Monument) and also ecologically. Loughton is in Epping Forest, an area of historic woodland and the site itself is notable for ancient pollards. The project involved both desk-based research and onsite survey, covering archaeology, ecology and interpretation and use. The project was carried out in partnership with the City of London's Open Spaces Team at Epping Forest. Preparation of the Conservation Management Plan also included consultation with English Heritage, Essex County Council Historic Environment Branch, Epping Forest District Museum and Natural England.

Iron Age Conservation Management Plan Heritage Consultancy Survey and Recording