In 2015 Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership (DVLP)was awarded Heritage Lottery Funding to protect and revitalise the area. As a result, they approached us to help create a five year Conservation Management Plan for the Worsbrough Mill and Country Park.

‘[MOLA] has some great ideas and a great mix of skills in the team.’ Roseanna Burton, Landscape Partnership Community Officer, DVLP

The Conservation Management Plan explores how the 17th-century Mill, and its later modifications, contribute to the wider economic development of the Country Park and outlines how the heritage of the site can best be maintained by the local council. As a result of the study, we were able to make recommendations on heritage-based activities over the course of five years. These recommendations include an increased focus on involving local groups and communities through volunteer ecology and archaeology schemes.

We produced graphic presentations and technical appendices to help DVLP disseminate the findings of our Conservation Management Plan, helping them to make the case for the implementation of their five-year plan. These documents illustrate how an understanding of industrial archaeology can shape a community and its landscape.

Conservation Management Plan Heritage Consultancy Post-Medieval