Research Prospectus

Excellence in research, innovation and collaboration: our new Research Prospectus

For over 40 years our pioneering research has paved the way for countless education, collaboration and participation opportunities by drawing together elements of archaeological practice, education, public engagement and professional training. We have a strong track record in generating large quantities of archaeological data which is expertly investigated to produce knowledge that can be shared for the benefit of people and society.

Our mission is to be recognised globally for our research strengths and the impact we deliver through that research. We want to stimulate thought-provoking interdisciplinary research collaborations with Higher Education Institutions and other academic stakeholders, in order to create meaningful archaeological legacies for our partners and communities.

Our research partnerships offer unparalleled opportunities to work with some of the UK’s most experience archaeological specialists and researchers, as well as providing access to wider networks and support for developing truly innovative and high-quality research outcomes.

For 2020, we have devised a new thematic framework to support our research activities:

  •     Our Discoveries: new knowledge created through our archaeological work, largely undertaken with major UK development and construction scheme
  •     Citizen Science: data, research and participation opportunities offered through our citizen science projects and those in the wider sector
  •     Archaeology and the Contemporary: exploring the effectiveness and value of an archaeological approach to the contemporary world

We are also developing new opportunities for graduates, PhD researchers and university academics, which aim to foster excellence and draw on the insights of the most talented researchers, specialists, innovators and advocates for archaeology.

To find out more about how you can collaborate with us, helping to strengthen the knowledge economy within archaeology and deliver impact across society, please read our prospectus or download your own PDF copy below. You can also email us via

MOLA Research Prospectus