Foundations of a development during construction

Risk Appraisal

Our risk appraisals help clients at the very outset of their projects, often prior to acquisition and ahead of project design. The risk appraisals are an invaluable tool for assessing project feasibility, identifying the key built heritage and archaeological constraints associated with developing on a site and outlining recommendations for how to manage the potential risks.

Our early-stage risk appraisals reveal valuable information about the likely scope of future heritage work helping our clients to move forward with confidence.

As well as being crucial to our clients’ decision-making, the findings of our confidential risk appraisals are relied upon in pre-planning application discussions with Local Authorities. Our appraisals inform scheme design, helping developers to minimise impacts on heritage assets, saving them time and money down the line.

Meet the Heritage Consultants

Our Heritage Consultants advise clients, helping them to achieve planning consent and discharge heritage planning conditions. Specialising in preliminary risk appraisal, heritage assessments and environmental statements, the team are also experts in preparing and submitting heritage consents, Conservation Management Plans and other heritage studies.

Heritage consultant at work