Our project design solutions incorporate archaeological and heritage work stages into planning and policy requirements. This includes the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 (for England), PPN06/20, and your own specific KPIs related to local communities, economies and the environment.  

Our work fits perfectly within planning frameworks and the need for developments to be sustainable - drawing in social, economic and environmental sustainability. Critical to our approach is consulting with communities and using our work to address their priorities and align to their values. Archaeology offers a truly authentic way into local history, heritage and the deeper past, as it forms the very ground that new developments are built on.  

Additionally, archaeology can bring positive benefits to your site staff. According to a 2022 Toolstation Survey, nearly half of construction site workers are interested in history, and over half are interested in science. Using the archaeology of a site for staff CPD can contribute to positive workplace moral and boost pride in the job at hand.

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  • Talk about how our work transforms archaeology into Social Value.
  • Discuss how we can help shape your project in sustainable ways using archaeological and heritage outcomes.
  • Investigate how archaeology can contribute to project staff CPD opportunities. 
  • Hear how your project can use archaeology and heritage creatively to inspire and entertain.
  • Discuss how archaeology on your project can contribute to your Social Value metrics and reporting: TOMS, WELLBYS, HACT and others.
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