The Hub is a new venture developed after years of research, and feedback from clients, sector colleagues, the wider third sector, and community members. These groups told us there was a need for archaeology to deliver life and planet changing impacts and outcomes.

The Hub sits in a unique position. It speaks both the language of archaeology and heritage, and that of our clients and consultants Social Value teams. This bridges the gap between our day-to-day work of development-led archaeology and the higher-level objectives of clients and communities.

The Hub goes beyond ‘business as usual’ by embedding community priorities and a sustainability-focused approach in programme research, design, delivery, and evaluation. Through The Hub we expand archaeology’s audiences and reach more diverse communities. We experiment with creative ways to enjoy and experience the past. We create better value for our clients, and more meaningful impacts for communities and third sector organisations.

There are 5 ways we achieve these aims:  

  • Social Value through commercial services – using our hub expertise to ensure our archaeological services are targeted towards a meaningful outcome for both communities and clients.
  • Value-led research and activities – using our research and charitable funding to explore, experiment, and innovate in both commercial and community settings.
  • Investing in communities – redistributing donations from corporate and individual donors to members of the public, enabling value-themed research projects and programmes.
  • Consultancy – offering our expert services to the wider professional and charitable sectors to ensuring concepts are shared across development and policy, heritage and sustainability, community and impact. 
  • Public events - delivering unconventional and creative events with archaeology at their core, organised with accessibility as a priority.

The Hub is coordinated by Dr Sadie Watson and Dr Kate Faccia, who have conducted research, consultations, and piloted programmes to generate Social Value and Cultural Heritage Capital in developer-led archaeology and heritage. We also have an award-winning public impact team and training programme, which support and contribute to Social Value creation.

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