The regeneration of Northampton began with the redevelopment of Northampton railway station. A £20m Network Rail project, a new 2,500sq metre station building was designed to significantly increase capacity. A team of archaeologists from MOLA’s Northampton office excavated the footprint of the new station building over a three month period in 2013.

'Ever since we started planning the new station, local heritage has been at the forefront of our minds. The investigations have answered our questions about the site, while capturing the imagination of local people.'

Chris Garden, Director of Regeneration at West Northamptonshire Development Corporation

The investigations revealed parts of the Norman Northampton Castle and the Saxon town. We worked with the client to share the findings of our work with the local community by way of informative panels on the hoarding, press releases and public talks. The investigations were carried out to schedule and Network Rail was commended by local opinion makers for celebrating the rich heritage of the site.

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