We are delighted to be working with the Institute of Historical Research, who have won Heritage Lottery Fund support, and to be helping to share this exciting research with the public.

‘Layers of London: mapping the city’s heritage’ has received £103,000 of Heritage Lottery Funding today. The Institute of Historical Research project will create an interactive website of London’s heritage.

The project is run in collaboration with the British Library, London Metropolitan Archives, Historic England and The National Archives. The expertise of our geomaticians has been used to contribute georectified versions of the major printed historic maps of London from the late 17th-century onwards. These maps are created by aligning aerial images with corresponding map locations.

The Development State project starts on 1 May 2016, bringing together digitised heritage assets from these contributors. The data will be linked together with a website and dedicated mobile app, giving the public the ability to create and interact with London’s diverse and exciting history, from Roman Londinium to the modern city. It will include historic maps, images of buildings, films and information about real Londoners making their way in the city over the centuries.

Volunteer, internship and school education programmes in the London Boroughs will allow individuals and groups to create and upload their photos, clips, recordings and memories. The project will be a hub for new and existing heritage projects across London with opportunities to learn new skills with the project partners, including using digital technology to study historic buildings and places.

These heritage assets are incomparable sources of evidence and knowledge of all aspects of the history of London. They provide aesthetic, architectural, historic, and scientific information on the city and its people. They also provide a unique record of the everyday life, work and culture of the capital. The project is unlocking the potential of heritage to stimulate large-scale heritage engagement across London at a time of unprecedented change for the city, whether it is economic or in the physical environment.

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