I am proud to be able to release MOLA’s Public Impact Report for the financial year 2022-2023. This the first such report to be published since 2016-2017, and it reflects the significant work that we at MOLA have done over the past few years in driving fundamental change to how we conceive of, deliver, and rigorously assess the impact generated from our archaeological practice. 

The report itself is the product of more than a dozen contributors from across MOLA. However the content of the report reflects the efforts of hundreds of MOLA staff members, from all offices and divisions, working to ensure that the archaeological activities we conduct make some form of positive difference to the individual lives, communities and environments which are directly affected by these activities.

I hope everyone can find something that inspires them in this report, or that ignites a desire to apply for a future Impact Acceleration Account Award to achieve forms of impact we’ve yet to achieve. 

Please direct any comments or questions about the 2022/23 report to myself (sperry@mola.org.uk). I hope you’ll share it widely, and give much-deserved recognition to my 400+ MOLA colleagues who make it possible for us every day to realise surprising and profound outcomes from our work in archaeology.

Download our full impact report