MOLA and Middlemarch join forces

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MOLA recently teamed up with Middlemarch Environmental, one of the UK’s leading ecological consultancies, to offer a holistic approach to pre-planning site investigation for HurleyPalmerFlatt.

The organisations have worked together on several large development projects where both archaeology and ecology impact statements were required to meet with planning regulations. Working together MOLA and Middlemarch Environmental are able to provide a thorough yet streamlined service.

Jonathan Blake from HurleyPalmerFlatt, said: "The advice and service Middlemarch and MOLA provided has been exceptional, but also delivered on time. The support and assistance from both teams meant the budget for this project has been on target and efficiently managed."

MOLA and Middlemarch Environmental began working on a complex site in Leicestershire, situated close to a wetland conservation area, in 2011. MOLA was responsible for the archaeological site works while Middlemarch provided the ecology, landscape, and arboricultural works. Working in  tandem  allowed  both  surveys to  be  carefully  timetabled  to  avoid  delays  and  meet  planning application  deadlines.

Huw Sherlock, MOLA Regional Manager, said: “Working closely with Middlemarch Environmental provided clear and proven benefits for the client, especially on this complex and sensitive project”.

In 2013 MOLA and Middlemarch Environmental look forward to continued collaboration, providing clients with efficient solutions for pre-planning site investigation.

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