Online Storymap explores the archaeology of Borough Hill

MOLA team

Borough Hill in Daventry is home to the 4th largest prehistoric hillfort in the UK, For the last two years we have been working with CLASP to survey this fascinating site. Using a combination of drone survey and geophysical techniques, we have been able to highlight a wide range of archaeological features above and below ground without needing to excavate.

This has helped us to build a picture of how the site has developed through the centuries. We now know that Borough Hill is home to a rich tapestry of archaeological evidence spanning several millennia, including an eighteen-mound barrow cemetery, a Roman Villa, a 1920s radio transmitter station, enclosures, pits and trackways. Take a scroll through our ArcGIS Storymap to explore Borough Hill’s history from the Palaeolithic to the present day: 

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