Specialist Services

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist services, from osteoarchaeology, forensic archaeology and environmental archaeology, to conservation, finds analysis and publication. Our team of in-house specialists are internationally acclaimed experts in their respective fields.

Ready access to this expertise allows us to undertake focused post-excavation assessments and analysis of sites and the material recovered. Our integrated approach to archaeological investigation, assessment and analysis means we work efficiently, making cost and time savings for our clients. Publishing our results is a requirement of planning and we deliver award-winning, high-quality publications. These are expertly produced by our experienced authors and editors, with input from our professional photographers and graphics team.

Explore our specialist services with the links below.

  • MOLA finds specialist Michael Marshall looking at a 'witch bottle' (c) MOLA

    Finds Specialists

    Our finds specialists are internationally acclaimed experts, able to assess and analyse the material we excavate efficiently and with confidence.
  • MOLA conservator Lucie Altenburg working on an inscribed Roman wine barrel lid (c) MOLA


    Our in-house conservation expertise allows us to respond rapidly to the needs of our projects and work to a high professional standard.
  • Archaeobotany sample, beech wood

    Environmental Archaeology

    Our specialists provide comprehensive, expert environmental analysis in support of assessments and publications.
  • Excavation on human remains at St Mary Spital


    Our hugely experienced osteoarchaeology team excavates, records, analyses and reports on human remains.
  • Forensic Archaeology

    Our forensic archaeologists respond quickly when called on by police forces, providing accurate identification and expert recovery.
  • Photography and Image Library

    We have an extensive Image Library and our photographers contribute high-quality images to our reports and publications.
  • Chair illustrations drawn by MOLA illustrators

    Publications and Graphics

    Our award-winning publications are produced to a high quality by a hugely experienced team of professionals.