Archaeological work at the Southgate Centre, Bath

Geoarchaeology survey Southgate, Bath

Multi Development Ltd

MOLA undertook site investigations as part of the redevelopment of the Southgate shopping centre in Bath. These included geoarchaeological investigations to ascertain the archaeological and palaeoenvironmental potential of the River Avon floodplain.

Borehole sampling and deposit modelling  streamlined assessment of the site's archaeological landscape.

Over 140 boreholes were drilled across the site to record the deposit sequence and a deposit model was created, using borehole modelling software and GIS. Specialist recording and sampling of the alluvial and fluvial deposits enabled reconstruction of past landscapes. We took a flexible approach to deal with unforeseen site constraints and work programme changes.

  • MOLA geoarchaeologist conducting a borehole survey


    Our geoarchaeological expertise enables us to carry out targeted investigations of deeply buried archaeological sediments and soils.