Microhistories, not microbreweries: Peeking through the door of pubs past using London archives (webinar)

Online webinar

Time: 16.00-16.30

Price: Free

London’s pubs have long been valuable assets to the communities that live and work around them, something which is particularly apparent now that they have had to close their doors in response to COVID-19. This webinar, led by our Head of Audience Engagement Magnus Copps, will look at objects and records, from clay pipes to calendars of licences, inventories, and insurance policies, that allow us to look inside these establishments and see how people in the past used them, taking in sources from local borough archives and regional repositories like the London Archaeological Archive and the London Metropolitan Archive.

This webinar is supported by Layers of London, a ground-breaking interactive online mapping project led by the Institute of Historical Research’s Centre for Metropolitan History, part of the School of Advanced Study, University of London.