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Oxford-Cambridge Corridor Economic Growth Conference

MK Dons Stadium, Milton Keynes

Time: 07:45-16:45

Price: £60-150

MOLA is chairing a session on Skills at the Built Environment Network’s upcoming Oxford Cambridge Corridor Economic Growth Conference.

The Oxford Cambridge Economic Growth Corridor is an integrated programme of infrastructure investments, housing and business growth, aiming to establish the region as a hub for innovative industry. This conference is a chance for business leaders to meet and explore the tremendous opportunities that the corridor presents.

From 11.45-12.30 MOLA CEO Janet Miller will be chairing the session on Skills: a pressing issue given the skills shortage facing the development sector, as well as a key asset of the corridor region given that it contains two world-class universities, and of vital concern to our mission as archaeologists. The corridor must remain a place of choice for skilled workers and also draw in new skills and knowledge if the vision for economic growth is to be achieved. 

Further details and booking can be found on the BEN website.