Adam Sutton

Iron Age and Roman Pottery Specialist (Northampton)

07841 340537




In his role as Iron Age and Roman pottery specialist for MOLA Northampton, Adam’s work involves identifying, dating, assessing, analysing, and interpreting pottery recovered from excavations, and reporting results back to Project Officers and Managers. Since starting with MOLA in February 2018 he has worked on assemblages from sites across the East Midlands, and is the lead pottery specialist on the archaeology programme for the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme (a MOLA Headland Infrastructure project). His research interests are diverse, and include the roles of technology and technological development in social change; foodways and dining habits in Iron Age and Roman Britain; and theoretical approaches to material culture in general.

Adam is a member of the Study Group for Roman Pottery (SGRP), and is a regular attendee of the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC). He studied for his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Nottingham before undertaking his MA in ceramic and lithic analysis at the University of Southampton. He also holds a doctorate from the University of Reading for his research on innovation in Late Iron Age pottery production. Adam has a background in the use of scientific approaches to ceramic analysis, including thin-section petrography, SEM microanalysis, and radiography, as well as being experienced in producing and handling quantified ceramic data.


Adam Sutton MOLA Pottery Specialist

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