Ian Betts

Senior Finds Specialist (Building Materials)

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Ian is one of MOLA’s Senior Finds Specialists, specialising in building materials. Since joining MOLA in 1982 Ian has been involved in the detailed examination of both stone and ceramic building material of all periods, in addition to the analysis of Roman painted wall plaster. This has involved detailed recording of building material from a very large number of London sites, the digitisation of this information and the subsequent analysis of the data. This analysis has been incorporated into a considerable number of MOLA publications, articles and archive reports.

Recently Ian authored a publication, Tin Glazed Tiles from London, which looks at the rich diversity of decorative tile designs used in the capital over 400 years. Ian has also published a large number of articles on more general aspects of his work covering both London and his earlier PhD research on ceramic brick and tile from Yorkshire.

Current work includes research on the distribution of Roman tiles in south-east England, delft tiles from Surrey, and decorative tile panels made by Carter & Co, Poole in the 1920s-1930s.

Ian Betts MOLA

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