Jacqui Pearce

Senior Finds Specialist (Post Roman Pottery)

020 75669 325 jpearce@mola.org.uk

Jacqui is a Senior Finds Specialist with MOLA and an internationally renowned expert in medieval and later ceramics, glass and clay tobacco pipes. Her role involves research, publication and editing, in addition to the assessment of finds from current excavations.

She has wide ranging experience of medieval and later pottery and has been involved in the establishment and maintenance of the MOLA Fabric Reference Collection, the main pottery type-series for the London area. In addition, she has developed a detailed recording system for clay pipes in line with national guidelines and that was instrumental in the establishment of the Museum of London's Clay Tobacco Pipe Makers' Marks website.

Jacqui is the author of numerous major papers and books, including four parts of an extensive Type-series of London Medieval Pottery. The latest of these covers shelly-sandy wares and greywares. She was Joint Editor of Post-Medieval Archaeology from 2009-2014 and is a committee member of the English Ceramic Circle, and Trustee of the National Clay Tobacco Pipe Archive. She is a frequent public speaker, leads workshops, and teaches evening classes in archaeological finds work and publication. In 2011 she was awarded the Ralph Merrifield Prize for Services to London Archaeology.

She  was President of the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology from 2017 to 2020 and is currently Vice President. She is also Co-Editor of English Ceramic Circle Transactions.


Jacqui Pearce MOLA

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