Sam Griffiths

CITiZAN Discovery Programme Officer, Humberside

01904 521249 / 07718 570386 LinkedIn profile

As CITiZAN Discovery Programme Officer for Humberside Sam is the Lead Archaeologist on MOLA's CITiZAN project in the Humberside area. He is responsible for planning and organising training and outreach events across the area and for recruiting and managing the area's volunteers.

Sam has conducted fieldwork and research on multi-period archaeological sites across the UK and Europe. This has included running a number of community led public archaeology projects in the South and East of England. Specifically Sam spent six years as part of the Ice Age Island team (Jersey), as a fieldwork and archives supervisor studying the Islands multi-phase prehistoric past.

Sam also has experience of working in the commercial sector both in planning consultancy and fieldwork prior to joining CITiZAN and MOLA. Throughout his career Sam's focus has concentrated on prehistoric peoples, past landscapes and lithic technologies across Europe. Sam has a PhD from the University of Southampton.

Sam Griffiths CITiZAN Discovery Programme Officer, Humberside MOLA

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The Community Archaeologists at MOLA lead community engagement projects and support our clients’ community engagement initiatives. The award-winning team manages the long-running Thames Discovery Programme and CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network), facilitate community digs and host events, including walks, talks, hands-on workshop and conferences.

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