Vicki Ewens

Senior Archaeologist/ Archaeozoologist

020 7410 2236

Vicki joined MOLA in 2011 as part of the field team gaining experience of urban commercial archaeology, before becoming a Senior Archaeologist in 2015.  In 2013 she started working part-time in Geomatics and in December 2014 began assisting MOLA’s Senior Archaeozoologist.

Vicki now works across all three teams as a site supervisor, archaeozoologist and geomatician. Her work in Archaeozoology includes identification, analysis and interpretation of faunal assemblages, including, fish, bird and mammal skeletal remains, and the production of assessment and post-assessment reports. At MOLA she has worked on large-scale city sites including, Bloomberg London, 8-10 Moorgate and Crossrail Liverpool Street. Her role in Geomatics includes all stages of spatial data management, from site survey work involving the use of GPS and optical kit, to post-excavation recording, digitising and production of figures using AutoCAD and ArcGIS.

Vicki has an MA in Osteoarchaeology from the University of Southampton and completed a PhD in Archaeozoology at the University of Bradford just prior to joining MOLA.  The focus of her research was the identification of secondary product use in sheep/goats, using dental enamel defects, in Iron Age and Norse assemblages from the North Atlantic.

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