Saxon, medieval and post-medieval settlement at Sol Central, Marefair, Northampton: archaeological investigations 1998–2002


Pat Miller, Tom Wilson, with Chiz Harward


Excavations revealed prehistoric and Roman artefacts, a possible Middle Saxon sunken-featured building, and extensive Late Saxon to Norman activity as the main settlement around St Peter’s church spread north-eastwards. Seventy-two burials were recorded within a 10th- to 13th-century cemetery. Development of the area included new timber and stone buildings. Pike Lane was established by the 14th century and industries included metalworking, cereal processing, animal husbandry and butchery, and small-scale tanning. Activity declined during the 15th and 16th centuries. Post-medieval redevelopment along Marefair may relate to the fire of 1675. Later evidence included burials from the cemetery of the chapel of Castle Hill.

Monograph Series 27

MoLAS 2005. ISBN 1-901992-57-8. Pb81pp (+CD). 76 bl/wh ills.