Sadie Watson looks down on an archaeological site (c) MOLA

Society of Antiquaries Lecture - The Value of Archaeology: Challenges and Opportunities

Online-only event

Time:  17.00 - 18.00
Price:  Free

A British Academy report of 2017 stated that ‘archaeology has the power to transform lives’ and work on the potential of archaeology to contribute to accepted measurements of wellbeing has illustrated the positive benefits people report after experiencing archaeology, handling artefacts and even just being in proximity to historic places.

How can these two realities be brought together to ensure that our work is providing the public benefit we know it is capable of? Like many other aspects of cultural heritage, archaeology provides a method of thinking about the world as well as being a source of knowledge creation but opportunities for meaningful participation are rare.

In this online lecture, Dr Sadie Watson FSA will present her current Fellowship research, which seeks to embed these concepts into our practice, with refocused outcomes situating public benefit as the priority. This will involve extensive consultation exploring how we can focus our research, methods and communications to embed value in our work. The past belongs to all of us and it is our role to facilitate access and empower communities to contribute to knowledge creation.

Attendance by Live Stream: 

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